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How to setup BAMT Linux
« on: May 08, 2014, 11:54:05 pm »
BAMT is a very simple plug'n'play Linux distribution which is tailored to do only one thing: mine altcoins.
It boots directly from a USB stick (4GB or more), so you don't need to do any setup, just boot and mine.

This guide is for version 1.6.2. Hopefully, next version of BAMT will have proper sgminer, which can mine Groestl straight out of the box.

Disclaimer: I tried to make it as simple as possible. But if you run into any problems - please post into this thread and specify on which step exactly you stumbled upon and I'll help. Do not write something like "I did everything that you wrote and it doesn't work".

Here are the steps:

Part 1 (preparation)

1. Prepare a BAMT 1.6.2 USB stick or use existing. How to do this is outside of this guide, check the BAMT thread for instructions.
2. Boot BAMT.
3. If you are If you are using remote desktop into your BAMT, login:

User: user
Login: live

(If you are doing this locally, obviously skip this step)

4. Once you see the desktop, go to bottom left corner and click on "BAMT Control \ Stop mining sessions".

5. Now in left top corner of Desktop, double-click on "Root Terminal". You should see this:

Part 2 (updating sgminer)

6. Type the following text and press ENTER:
Code: [Select]
cd /opt/miners/sgminer-4.1.0-sph/You should see this:

6a. [Optional, highly recommended]: Use grs-sgminer instead of sph-sgminer. grs-sgminer is a fork of sph-sgminer with Groestl optimizations. See
Type the following text and press ENTER:
Code: [Select]
git config  remote.origin.url
You should see this:

7. Type the following text and press ENTER:
Code: [Select]
git pullYou should see this:

8. Type the following text and press ENTER:
Code: [Select]
./autogen.shYou should see this:

9. Type the following text and press ENTER:
Code: [Select]
makeYou should see this:

10. Close the "Root Terminal" [optional step]

Part 3 (modifying your sgminer conf file)

11.1 Double click on "File Manager" in top left corner of the desktop.
11.2 Click on "bamt"
11.3 Double click "sgminer-sph.conf"

12. Modify your sgminer configuration file. I've highlighted the most important items below:

13. Save the file and close text editor.

Part 5 (modifying your bamt conf file)

14. Double click bamt.conf in File Manager and make the changes as per screenshot below

15. Save the file and close text editor.

Part 6 (testing and tweaking)

16. Select "BAMT Control \ Start mining sessions"

Theoretically, you are done! All steps below are optional, but highly recommended.

17. Let's see if sgminer is working correctly. Start Root Terminal again. Type this and then ENTER:
Code: [Select]
sudo su
Now type this and ENTER:
Code: [Select]
http://screen -ls
18. See what computer prints after your previous command.
Now type below text, but change ID to match the otput of your "screen -ls" in previous step. The number before ".sgminer" text will always be different. That is normal.

Note: if after "screen -ls" you don't get any sgminer listed, then something is wrong and your sgminer could not start. Usually this happens because you did miss one comma in sgminer-sph.conf. If you have troubles at this point and you verified your sgminer-sph.conf is correct, ask for help in this thread.

19. You should now see sgminer output similar to this:

Double-check that your pool is correct, login name is correct and pool is accepting shares from you.

20. Now is the time to squeeze some more MHs from your video card. Check out for optimal settings here:

Notice that you don't need high memory clocks for Groestl. Set it to minimum values, like 150.
Since the GPU doesn't produce much heat during mining Groestl, it is often possible to achieve frequencies a lot higher than in Scrypt mining (1200 vs 1055 in my case).

For example, for my R9 290 TriX I added these two lines:

21. You can monitor your rig by typing in your rig's IP address in browser:

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