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Groestlcoin now supported on Cryptonator
« on: June 15, 2014, 08:32:00 pm »
Introducing Cryptonator , the most precise and accurate cryptocurrency rates calculator and conversion tool!

When it comes to currencies like US Dollar, Euro or Pound, there is a foreign exchange market used to set the exchange rates. Floating rates of cryptocurrencies are also determined by supply and demand on many cryptocurrency exchanges, but which one is sufficiently authoritative to take the rates from? With this, no answer is good enough but ALL of them.

Cryptonator is synchronized with all the major exchanges and calculates the most accurate and precise cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Now, there is no need of monitoring, comparing and claculating exchange rates since Cryptonator is doing all of these for you 24/7 for free! Tired of switching between exchanges in search of an exchange rate? Fed up with calculating how much LTC are 100K DOGE? Never fear - Cryptonator is here!

Cryptonator allows you to instantly convert almost every cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency or into USD and Euro.

How it works
All displayed rates represent the volume-weighted average of selected cryptocurrency prices across major online exchanges. Rates are updated every minute.

Cryptonator is available online, for iPhone/iPad and Android devices and as an extension for Chrome browser.
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