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Hi there, My name is Gozzi แทงบอลเงินสด
Here is what my Run.bat folder looks like (I have windows, and a Radeon R9 270X):

sgminer -k groestlcoin -o stratum+tcp://grs.suprnova.cc:5544 -u BitsOfSteel.worker1 -p x  (my username on forums is BitsOfSteel, and I have my worker made and listed as worker1 with a password x

I am getting 5-7 MH/s however, within a minute I have 88HW issues, and none of my hashing was showing up online through supernovas website dashboard.

Thank you very much

General Discussion / What are the main plan for 2017 for Groestlcoin?
« on: October 24, 2017, 12:27:50 pm »
Hi there, name is Jeen
Groestlecoin looks like a good project, read this is the first coin to implement segwit. What is the plan for 2017? Do you guys have any goals or milestones set? Goodluck with the project, I just bought some coins, this coin just might have a future I think แทงบอลเงินสด

Thank you

Hello everyone.
I started to have some thoughts while reading through the JPC thread... and posted a bit over there, but wanted to bring the conversation over here and see what the thoughts were on load balancing mining pools somehow for the good of the coin.

I see tons of problems with any coin that has success with most of the miners jumping to specific pools and the hashrate of that one pool
getting too large, and then just continuing to grow from there. Seems to be happening all the time...

Usually everyone just asks people to move, but very few seem to actually do it, and I am guessing after finally getting their rig running right very few want to go and reconfigure just to move elsewhere.

JPC seems to have the problem of their Jackpot actually encouraging miners to flock to the greatest place to get a shared slice of the big payout, but I think it probably applies to all coins as we have seen with the coin and dwarfpool issue here popping up.

Neither is a good thing (miners flocking to one pool, or confrontation with a coin and it's biggest pool)

So my thoughts are on how does a 'coin' handle this in a way that can work out for both in the future? Has there been anything tried on coins that may have eventually failed to address the issue?

Has any coin gone down this road before?

I was just thinking that with the 'Democratizing Mining' concept with Groestlcoin that making sure the power doesn't fall into one group's hands fits into that line of thinking and direction for future consideration...

My simple, not more than 20 minutes of thought is to collect a % of the payouts above a certain number that are shared based on inverse percentage to the smaller pools to increase payouts on those pools and encourage the movement automatically. No mass exodus, but just enough bonus that some pool breaking the ~33% of total hash rate barrier max (or whatever number is decided) would be paying bonuses to miners in the smaller pools with extra profits.

Anyhow, maybe I am just crazy... but just wanted to share my thoughts.

Thank you

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