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Groestlcoin GIVEAWAY & Competition: Post pics with our logo and get groestlcoins

Started by srcxxx, May 17, 2014, 02:46:19 AM

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Please send photos of real people holding a Groestlcoin logo or wearing a t-shirt with the logo or holding groestlcoin paper money. Or pointing to a computer screen with GRS logo, or whatever you think of... but with Groestlcoin logo. Do not forget to post your GRS wallet otherwise we can't transfer the coins.

Great if you have a photo of yourself (or your girlfriend :-)) with Seattle tower, Golden Gate bridge, London tower, etc. Or just at home with your cat is also fine :-)

1,000 GRS to first 10 people who post their photos

5,000 GRS to first 5 ladies who post their photos with a bit erotic context

Contest will run until 31 August 2014 or until we get 50+ entries.

First prize: 15,000 GRS
Second prize: 10,000 GRS
Third prize: 5,000 GRS

Winners will be selected by public voting.

All photos must have a clearly visible human face (this is not "my dog and Groestlcoin" and not "me in a Dark Vader mask and Groestlcoin" contest).
No photoshop allowed.
Photos that do not satisfy the rules will be deleted.
Offensive and out of place comments will be deleted.

This is the official logo image:

Official colors (if you need that level of detail):

When making a T shirt you'll probably want to use vector files like .ai, .svg or .eps:

Sample T-shirt idea (from this website)

Sample paper money to print:

How to insert an image:
Upload your image to a service like
Then paste in the URL of the JPG file



FYEAbFBG3xY5VUtE9GXC56v5UKt4xkoUkb :-)

ninja registrator






thanks ;)



Positive vibes! Nice :)

Quote from: cryptonautz on May 27, 2014, 06:12:11 PM

thanks ;)



Awesome job!

Thanks for posting!

But, c'mon guys! Get outside :-)
Where is Groestlcoin and Eiffel Tower?

I want a better background than a wall in your house :-)


OK, so you wanted "a bit erotic context" and "outside"? Groestlcoin and a nice background?

forgot to add wallet addr: FdF15J93MFD3gHHMn4JVfbKSRPFxdB68g7 :)


FoLjkVipyWSzd6xahqVsMwKTRgeuuks5xe :) good to see that people are responding to the competition