Author Topic: How to import a private key into Groestlcoin Core  (Read 7335 times)

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How to import a private key into Groestlcoin Core
« on: May 19, 2014, 03:58:18 pm »
To get coins out of a paper wallet, or cold storage, you have to add the addresses' private key to your "on network" wallet (Groestlcoin Core). After you do so, your address is no longer a paper wallet or cold storage (basically, it has been used up). Any remaining funds that you want to keep in a paper wallet or cold storage must be sent to a different cold storage address or paper wallet. You will need to download and have Groestlcoin Core running first.

Here is how to add the private key to the Groestlcoin Core (standard) wallet:
Click the "Help" menu and choose "Debug window."
Go to the "Console" tab.
Type in the command:
importprivkey 'your private key'
Press <enter> and the client will import the key.

It may take a while for it to processes. The address will show up in your "Receive Coins" addresses and becomes part of the Groestlcoin Core wallet.

note: If you encrypted your wallet, you will need to type in this command before the 'importprivkey' command:
walletpassphrase 'your secret password' '30'
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