If a multipool were set up to directly mine for GRS as payout how would you react?

I would mine it immediately and give it all my hash power!
4 (100%)
I would mine it but give 50% or less of my hash power!
0 (0%)
I wouldn't mine it at all, I'd rather get GRS by other means.
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: If a multipool were set up to directly mine for GRS as payout how would u react?  (Read 5006 times)

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If we asked a respected multipool owner to set up a mining pool for us how would you react? (designed to mine the most profitable altcoin and in return they get GRS). The mining pool itself would sell whatever coins they mined, trade it for GRS, and then distribute the Groestlcoin to the miners.

The mining pool would be automated and have to continuously buy Groestlcoin as more hashing power is thrown at it.

As a case study I see the idea working in practice for Blackcoin's mining pool so why not do it for Groestlcoin? It uses free market forces to both decentralize distribution and market Groestlcoins. I would use the mining pool myself in fact so I could get more groestlcoins.

It would allow us all to mine to get Groestlcoins and decentralize the distribution of Groestlcoins while also supporting the price. This solves the problem of many miners who wants profitability of Groestlcoins
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Im up to mine on it, make sure to ask in our bitcointalk thread as well. 8)


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payed with GRS   excellent  :'( :'( finally my dream Comme true!!!!

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