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Poollo pool

Started by jackielove4u, July 28, 2014, 05:54:55 PM

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We've been added to Poollo, check it out here:
You only need your Groestlcoin address as username, no need to register:
There are 3 different ports for different difficulties:

stratum+tcp:// <--- Vardiff

The 32 one is auto adjust between 8 and 512 with target Time: 15, retarget Time: 90, variance Percent: 30
Fees are 0.9%, and payments are calculated and automatically sent to the wallet mining address every 2 minutes.

Poollo are beta testing with the NOMP multipool capabilities so we can have a groestl multipool switcher.
Generating your private key will be here: and you will be able to multi mine groestl based coins.
Currently, in closed beta testing phase, the coins included for groestl profit switching are Atheistcoin, Aidbit and Dokdocoin.