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Who are we?, part of LiteGroup B.V. located in The Netherlands. We are on the market since december 2013.
More official details stated here.

What do we offer
Being the first FIAT -> Crypto exchange for buying and selling multiple crypto currencies and not be limited to Bitcoin.
Next to this we have a great support team which answers your questions within 2 hours. (Related to orders).

Why we do this?
We think digital currency could be a benefit for society. With a different mindset it is something new. That is
why we try to create a sustainable link of services which is a complete A to Z package. From customer to merchant
to local promotion, every area is covered. (

How does it work?
You need to create an account on
Once you are logged-in you can verify a bankaccount.
You are able to do transactions once you have completed the verification process.
It requires 7 days and having done atleast 1 order to become trusted level.
After each succesful payment our engine will start getting your coins together and send them out to you.
Every transaction is signed with our signatures so you know 100% that the coins you receive are from us.

What countries are supported?
All countries that support the following payment gateways: iDeal, SOFORT, Mister Cash, GiroPay and SEPA.

As is the general motto in digital currency, no longer trust is needed in the 3rd parties, since every transaction is
being verified by math, rather than a single human. Our liability translates to us into responsiblity, all funds and personal data
is being treated with the upmost care, to ensure not only the safety of our customers, but also the community world wide. 

Digital currencies are still goods and when products are not delivered in the shape agreed on, you have the right
to contact our support. We already have over 2500 verified customers and this is growing rapidly. Please refer to
listing websites for reputations and experiences.

We never sell what we can't send!
Our goal is to make digital currency available to everyone and we need you to get there. Digital currency has a spot
in the future if businesses like ours operate within the limits of the tolerance of society. We feel the responsibility
and dare to step forward.

We use HTTPS to encrypt the connection.
All data stored is being encrypted. Data is not stored on the webserver itself.
We will never sell data to 3rd parties.
Never pay at for goods of others. Example: You are buying something on Ebay and this person tells you to type his address at

Stockpile and Prices
Available stock is based on budget we decided for that moment or day.

Prices are market prices + margin. This margin is needed to cover costs that are made by applying payment methods
as listed below.

iDeal - Lowest costs - no additional transaction fee's.
SOFORT - We pay 1% over the total order amount to our PSP.
GIROPAY - We pay 2% over the total order amount to our PSP.
Mister Cash - We pay 1.25% over the total order amount to our PSP.
SEPA - Free of costs

How we handle transactions

This is how we handle transactions for each digital currency:

Q: How long does it take for my coins to arrive after payment?
A: When our trade engine has completed the order. This should not take longer then 30 minutes.
Depending on current stock.

Q: How long does a SEPA transfer to arrive?
A: Normally it takes 2 to 3 days.

Q: I have given a wrong address, can I change it?
A: If the coins are sent there is nothing you or we can do. That’s why it is important to be careful. If your order is
still Pending you need to send us a support ticket. Our staff is 24/7 online.

Q: Do I need to verify myself on
A: Yes. To increase your security it’s very important to verify atleast 1 bankaccount. With this given bankaccount
you can do transactions. After 7 days and no reports you are a Trusted Verified User. Business verifications are also
possible to receive invoices.

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Re: - Buy and Sell Groestl's with multiple payment methodes
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I can vouch for them! Great service and fast! Did many transactions through them.