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GroestlCoin MultiPool [powered by platform]

Started by multipool, February 07, 2015, 10:01:47 PM

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GroestlCoin multipool powered by WePayBTC platform.
(for AMD videocardz only)

Payouts - once a day. Price figured out by day price on poloniex exchange. So will be a small different every day. Real price during payout will be printed in this forum.

Do as here -

sgminer.exe -o sf --coin groestlcoin -u YourGRSWallet -p [email protected]

You must write also --coin groestlcoin in command line, or otherwise will not work!!! Very important!!!

My .bat file:
Quotesetx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
sgminer.exe -o am --coin groestlcoin -u FWTVm9CHm6bGdxrQNuuCM1pv5YgN9Mmz3W_rig1 -p [email protected] -I 20,22



If you do any questions about GRS payment - please send me message. If problems with miner setup - contact WePayBTC support.

Fee - 5%, all donated to GroestlCoin team wallet FZ4AfMJjHNzjtMHvFR244TZf2934Y6J5Fr.

Note: I am not doing this for profit. Only support GroestlCoin. If you have time to spend doing BTC -> GRS exchange, I am happy to give this to you to run. Then you can take the 5% (or part of it) for you. Maybe you know economy and can make buy walls properly, buy when cheap, etc. I can't do this, only can buy on exchange.

But... this is more profitable than mining GRS directly, thanks to!

Technical detail:
* Money coming from WePayBTC will be coming to this address.
* Money to GRS miners will be getting out of this address.
* Miner application will show your projected day income in CREDITS. CREDIT/GRS exchange rate will be printed in this forum every day (depends on GRS/BTC exchange rate).
* 1 CREDIT is 0.001 BTC (or 100,000 satoshi).

AMD R9 290 is around 100% speed, about 1.25 CREDIT/day.
AMD R9 280X is around  85% speed, about 1.06 CREDIT/day.

PS: Sorry for bad English.


Payout first time done!

GRS exchange rate - about 140 satoshi.
1 CREDIT - 100,000 satoshi.


1 CREDIT was 714.285714 GRS during 7 February payout.

R9 290 = 892 GRS / day
R9 280X = 757 GRS / day


Today price - 110 satoshi.

So, 909 GRS per 1 CREDIT.
1,136 GRS in AMD R9 290.



Not many miners still...


Today buy price also 110 satoshi, as yesterday.

Two address wrong, can't pay:


1 CREDIT 714.285714 GRS during 10 February payout.

R9 290 = 892 GRS / day
R9 280X = 757 GRS / day


I am kinda waiting on the official release of the new amd models
However i fear they will release a low budget model first and much later will release the faster models.
Saw some leaked info however could not find any info about how much the power draw will be.
On the other hand to run a gpu rig especially in several european countries we suffer from extreme energy prices which probably will make it impossible to make it worthwhile.