Author Topic: How to setup Groestlcoin p2pool Node on Windows  (Read 7979 times)

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How to setup Groestlcoin p2pool Node on Windows
« on: June 27, 2015, 12:07:26 pm »
Go to
Click download ZIP on right hand side and save the file.
Extract the zip contents to a suitable location such as C:\p2pool

Go to
Download 'Python 2.7.8 Windows Installer' (Do not get 64bit!)
Install Python 2.7

Go to
Download 'Twisted 14.0.2 for Python 2.7' (not 64bit!)
Install Twisted

Go to
Download 'zope.interface-4.1.1.win32-py2.7.exe (md5)'
Install Zope

Go to
Download 'WMI-1.4.9.win32.exe (md5)'
Install WMI

Go to
Click the green button 'gcc-mingw-4.3.3-setup.exe'
Run the installer.
Make sure to select the radio button 'Link with MSVCR90.DLL'

Go to
Download 'pywin32-218.win32-py2.7.exe'
Install pywin32

Open a new command prompt
CD to p2pool file save location and into the subfolder groestlcoin-subsidy-python:
cd /p2pool/groestlcoin-subsidy-python

Run the following: build --compile=mingw32 install

If you do not already have Groestlcoin Core installed/running, create a groestlcoin.conf file using a text editor, otherwise modify your existing .conf file as shown:
cd %appdata%/groestlcoin/
notepad groestlcoin.conf

Edit groestlcoin.conf to include:

You may also need to include your local IPv4 address for rpcallowip, depending on your system.
This may look something like rpcallowip= and can be found by using 'ipconfig' in the command line.
Please make sure the password contains both upper and lower case letters and digits or you will receive an error.

Open your groestlccoin wallet and wait for it to be fully synced (this may take some time if your wallet is new or hasn't been used for some time)

Enable uPNP on your router and ensure ports 11331 and 11330 are forwarded to your computer running the p2pool node and groestlcoin wallet (google if necessary)

cd /p2pool

Start your GRS p2pool node by running: ''

This does not have to match your miner address - it will be used for any fees you set on your node, or for earnings from invalid addresses used by miners on your node.

EXAMPLE: --give-author 0 -f 0 -n -a FZ4AfMJjHNzjtMHvFR244TZf2934Y6J5Fr

The p2pool software should now be running, go to

If the miner is connected to the windows computer running p2pool, start up your miner by connecting to If your miner is on your network, but a different device, you will need to use your local IPv4 address as mentioned aboved. This might look like
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