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Groestlcoin Vanitygen released

Started by gruve_p, January 02, 2016, 10:16:43 PM

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Groestlcoin Vanitygen: Vanity groestlcoin address generator . Vanitygen is a command-line vanity groestlcoin address generator. Add unique flair when you tell people to send groestlcoins to FXSLUT2zcZPnhJ7J3BqGUCQMj5cEUyN31V.  Alternatively, vanitygen can be used to generate random addresses offline.

If you're tired of the random, cryptic addresses generated by regular groestlcoin clients, then vanitygen is the right choice for you to create a more personalized address.

• Vanitygen accepts as input a pattern, or list of patterns to search for, and produces a list of addresses and private keys.
• Vanitygen's search is probabilistic, and the amount of time required to find a given pattern depends on how complex the pattern is, the speed of your computer, and whether you get lucky.
• Vanitygen includes components to perform address searching on your CPU (vanitygen) and your OpenCL-compatible GPU (oclvanitygen). Both can be built from source, and both are included in the Windows binary package.
• Upon finding a match for a given pattern, vanitygen will stop searching for additional matches for that pattern. To search for multiple matches for each pattern, use the -k option
• Prefixes are exact strings that must appear at the beginning of the address. When searching for prefixes, vanitygen will ensure that the prefix is possible, and will provide a difficulty estimate.  Exact prefixes are case-sensitive by default, but may be searched case-insensitively using the -i option
• The percentage displayed just shows how probable it is that a match would be found in the session so far. If it finds your address with 5% on the display, you are extremely lucky.  If it finds your address with 92% on the display, you are unlucky.  If you stop vanitygen with 90% on the display, restart it, and it finds your address with 2% on the display, your first session was unlucky, but your second session was lucky.
• Vanitygen uses the OpenSSL random number generator. This is the same RNG used by groestlcoin and a good number of HTTPS servers. It is regarded as well-scrutinized. On Linux, the RNG will be seeded from /dev/urandom. Guessing the private key of an address found by vanitygen will be no easier than guessing a private key created by groestlcoin itself. Nonetheless, if you feel the default RNG is unable to provide numbers that are sufficiently difficult to guess, vanitygen can be directed to seed the RNG from an external file using the -s option.
• To speed up address generation, vanitygen uses the RNG to choose a private key, and literally increments the private key in a loop searching for a match. As long as the starting point is not disclosed, if a match is found, the private key will not be any easier to guess than if every private key tested were taken from the RNG. Vanitygen will also reload the private key from the RNG after 10,000,000 unsuccessful searches (100M for oclvanitygen), or when a match is found and multiple patterns are being searched for.
• Free software - Gnu GPL v3. Anyone can audit the code.
• Written in C - The code is short, and easy to review.

To use vanitygen, you need to open a command line window and change to the directory where you extracted the vanitygen program.  An easy way to do this in Windows 7, hold down the shift key, right-click on the folder where you unzipped vanitygen, and select "Open command window here."  Then, you can type the vanitygen command at the prompt. Example how to use:
vanitygen -G FXSLUT
Difficulty: 264104224
Pattern: FXSLUT                                                               
Address: FXSLUT2zcZPnhJ7J3BqGUCQMj5cEUyN31V
Privkey: 5KNtRRpMfpYXVuSv86GF2pKhS4TDvVGy4c2L6psSLRkPikFbzUf

Note: Groestlcoin addresses consist of random digits and uppercase and lowercase letters, with the exception that the uppercase letter "O", uppercase letter "I", lowercase letter "l", and the number "0" are never used to prevent visual ambiguity.

It is appreciated if feedback of the following is provided:
1. Are you able to create vanity addresses for Groestlcoin?
2. Are you able to sweep the private keys (using any of our clients)?
3. Are you able to import the private keys (using any of our clients)?

This application is licensed under the GPL version 3. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.

The application may have unfound bugs and problems. To leave feedback: 
1.  PM Wolf on bitcointalk:;u=80740
2.  Email: [email protected]
3.  Reports of errors can also be posted in this topic.

Download the Groestlcoin vanitygen here:

Source code: