MultiGroestl HD released

Started by gruve_p, March 22, 2016, 09:26:00 PM

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MultiGroestl HD is a lightweight "thin client" Groestlcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux based on groestlcoinj. Its main advantages over the original Groestlcoin client include support for HD wallet, and not requiring the download of the entire block chain.

Using the experience gained from the creation of MultiBit Classic we have been working full time on producing a wallet that makes Groestlcoin accessible for ordinary mainstream users. Our mission was to remove as much complexity and unnecessary functionality as possible leaving only what is essential for a normal user of Groestlcoin. We think that MultiGroestl HD achieves that goal.
If you are an ordinary user of Groestlcoin and simply want a wallet that just works without hassle, then MultiGroestl HD is the right choice for you.

• Suitable for mainstream users
• Uses hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet standards (BIP32 and BIP44 for account 1 only)
• Support for automatic locally encrypted cloud backups through SpiderOak, Dropbox and so on
• Configurable to suit your preferences
• Pure SPV - connect directly to the Groestlcoin network.
• No servers just the Groestlcoin network using the Groestlcoinj library
• Simple and intuitive user interface - big accessible controls each with a clear purpose
• No worrying about losing private keys any more - use your "wallet words" (seed phrase) to restore them
• Fast and lightweight block chain download just like MultiGroestl Classic (SPV) about 5MB overall
• Private Contacts database with private notes and tags
• Private Payments database with integrated exchange rates
• Adjustable fees
• Adjustable units
• Export transactions with spot rates to a financial package in standard CSV format
• Themes to suit different lighting conditions
• Available in many languages
• Open source under modified MIT licence
• Random peer discovery (plus it will use your local Groestlcoin Core if you are running one)
• Tor support out of the box (optional)
• All data is encrypted locally using entropy gathered from your wallet words (12, 18 or 24)
• All data automatically backed up to a location of your choice (encrypted)
• Detailed transaction information
• Sign/verify of Groestlcoin messages - use Copy/Paste All to fill all fields in one click
• Simple self-contained installer for Windows, OS X and Linux
• Various wallet management tools such as emptying a wallet with accurate fee calculation

Disaster recovery features
Everybody experiences data loss at some point. Here is how you are shielded from this using MultiGroestl HD:
• You lose your password - click Restore on credentials screen and recover it from local backup with your "wallet words" (seed phrase)
• You delete all your local backups (hard drive error) - automatic restore from cloud backup
• You delete all your local and cloud backups (stolen laptop) - select "Restore from wallet words" and follow the instructions
• You forget your wallet words - unlock your firesafe and retrieve the laminated paper copy you made

It is appreciated if feedback of the following is provided:
1.  Can you receive coins? (small amounts to avoid losing them)
2.  Can you send coins?
3.  Can you scan a QR code from another phone.
4.  Can you sign/verify messages?
5.  How long does it take to sync the blockchain?
6.  Does it appear in your language?
7.  Does it calculate exchange rates properly?

If the blockchain does not synchronise or is stuck, simply go to manage wallet - repair wallet.  The app will synchronise very fast (there is no need for closing the program). This application is licensed under the GPL version 3. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.

The application may have unfound bugs and problems. To leave feedback: 
1. PM me
2. Email: [email protected]
3. Post reports of erros in this topic.

Store your walet words somewhere safe!

You can download it using the links below and be up and running with Groestlcoin in 5 minutes.
Download the Linux wallet here:
Download the OSX DMG Wallet here:
Download the Windows Wallet here:

Source code: - Groestlcoin Java Library for MultiGroestl HD - The MultiGroestl HD Wallet Source code