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Groestlcoin Lightning Network Explorer Testnet released

Started by jackielove4u, December 22, 2019, 08:47:38 PM

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Groestlcoin Lightning Network Explorer Testnet is a simple lightning network explorer that uses LND or c-lightning as a source of network graph.

Now you can lookup how many LN nodes and channels there are on GRS testnet.

• Light and Dark Mode
• Ability to create invoice to donate for development funds
• Open source

• If connecting to a remote LND, you need to set lndHost and lndDir params. lndDir must have admin.macaroon and tls.cert files.
• For c-lightning set --daemon clightning and specify clightningDir if not using default location. Note that c-lightning supplies less data about channels than LND.

The application may have unfound bugs and problems. To leave feedback: 
1. PM me
2. Email: [email protected]
3. Post reports of erros in this topic.

Groestlcoin Lightning Network Explorer Testnet is available via

Source code: