Core lightning 0.12.0 released

Started by jackielove4u, September 22, 2022, 08:44:54 PM

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Core lightning: A specification compliant Lightning Network implementation in C

Core lightning is a lightweight, highly customizable and standard compliant implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.
Core lightning only works on Linux and Mac OS, and requires a locally (or remotely) running groestlcoind (version 2.16.0 or above) that is fully caught up with the network you're testing on.

Changelog 0.12.0
• NEW Built-in bookkeeper plugin! This plugin tracks all movements of msats for your node, gives you a better idea of your costs and revenues, prints out CSVs that are uploadable to Koinly and CoinTracker, lets you inspect the on-chain footprint of a channel (useful when it goes to chain). Check out the new bkpr- prefixed commands.
• NEW Built-in commando plugin! This lets you create runes to allow access to your node from a commando client, which will let you send and receive RPC commands over the lightning network.
• NEW Emergency channel backup ("static backup")! Keep track of what peers you have channels with, and in case of node failure ask those peers to close the channel.
• NEW zeroconf channels are possible for whitelisted peers.
• hsmtool has a new command, checkhsm, which will let you check a BIP30 passphrase against the hsm_secret.
• Multiple log-file options will open multiple files for logging.
• Various crashes and issues fixed in connectd including crash on peer reconnect and large memory usage when many concurrent peers.
• PSBT: fixes signature encoding to comply with BIP-0174.
• We added dynamically detected public IP addresses to getinfo.
• Due to dependency issues on some platforms, a tarball of pre-generated manual pages is included with this release.

• Creating channels.
• Closing channels.
• Completely managing all channel states (including the exceptional ones!).
• Performing path finding within the network, passively forwarding incoming payments.
• Sending outgoing onion-encrypted payments through the network.
• Automatic channel management (autopilot).

This application is licensed under MIT. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.

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