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Sparrow-GRS 1.7.1 released

Started by jackielove4u, March 22, 2023, 08:29:34 PM

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Sparrow-GRS is a modern desktop Groestlcoin wallet application supporting most hardware wallets and built on common standards such as PSBT, with an emphasis on transparency and usability.

Sparrow-GRS does not hide information from you - on the contrary it attempts to provide as much detail as possible about your transactions and UTXOs, but in a way that is manageable and usable.
However, Sparrow-GRS is also unique in that it contains a fully featured transaction editor that also functions as a blockchain explorer. This feature not only allows editing of all of a transaction's fields, also easy inspection of the transaction bytes before broadcasting.

Changelog 1.7.1
• Add wallet refresh functionality (View > Refresh Wallet)
• Support import and export of GRS BlueWallet Vault multisig wallets
• Handle RBF for consolidation outputs
• Use Tor for all connections if configured
• Move builtin Tor support to top level app service
• Mask hardware wallet passphrase entry
• Don't remove labels on wallet refresh
• Improve appearance of DMG installer
• Provide help tooltips on wallet policy and script type fields
• Show legacy QR display option for imported keystores
• Support non-SSL connections over configured proxy
• Remove incorrect locktime = 0 requirement for RBF
• Label invalid notification transactions and avoid attempting to relink with them
• Identify and color code signatures in transaction hex witness data
• Bug fix: Make db-updater a daemon thread to fix an issue shutting down properly on Windows
• Move account tabs to the left with clearer color hierarchy
• Add PDF export of wallet output descriptor from QR display dialog
• Always use "Deposit" label for default Account #0 wallet
• Support PSBT Taproot BIP32 derivation field
• Ensure order of unencrypted wallet tabs is retained across app restarts
• Warn if saved certificate file could not be deleted when requested
• Indicate when a server failure occurs when loading a transaction from file or text
• Show an error message if partial signatures do not match the wallet on finalizing a PSBT
• Change show delay duration for help tooltips to 500ms
• Bug fix: Update UTXO tab fiat balances as rates change
• Bug fix: Ensure wallet rescan occurs when changing the wallet birthday in the transactions table
• Bug fix: Perform signature verification on PSBT inputs only after all have been parsed (required for Taproot signatures)
• Upgrade to HWI 2.0.2
• Support scanning seed QRs (SeedQR, CompactSeedQR, ur:crypto-seed, ur:crypto-bip39) to import seed words and xpubs and to sign PSBTs with immediate clearing of the seed
• Add dust attack warning to UTXOs where small value transactions are received on previously used addresses
• Add 'Restart in Testnet' menu command
• Add 'Delete Wallet' function to File menu, overwriting wallet file data first
• Add 'Select All' button to UTXOs tab
• Disable 'Lock All Wallets' menu item when all wallets are locked
• Rename 'Refresh Wallet' to 'Refresh Wallet Account' where necessary to indicate wallet accounts are refreshed individually
• Enable 'Max' button when RBF replacement transaction has only one output and no additional inputs
• Disable privacy optimisation button for BIP78 Payjoins
• Update confirmation status for opened unconfirmed wallet txes once they have been mined
• Show signature status on transaction tab for loaded transactions even when offline
• Pass the desired account number to keystore import description when importing for additional accounts
• Make connection toggle pulsing clearer by increasing the opacity range
• Make USB hardware wallet enumeration period configurable
• Enable pasting a string into send to many spreadsheet using pre-edit cell context menu
• Update to JavaFX 18, Gradle 7.4.2 and Java 17.0.2
• Bug fix: Update wallet name in db on load if wallet filename is changed in order to fix passphrase entry dialog
• Bug fix: Reverse sort order of date column in UTXOs tab
• Bug fix: Improve validation and focus handling in integer spinners
• Bug fix: Recalculate txid before copying from Txid copy button
• Bug fix: Ensure minimum relay fee rate is always equal or greater than 1 gro/vb
• Add Ledger Nano S Plus support
• Allow watch-only keystores to enable signing from matching connected hardware wallets
• Import gap limit from Electrum-GRS wallets
• Bug fix: Restore hardware wallet communication on older (10.x) MacOS
• Bug fix: When hiding empty used addresses, add and remove addresses if address balance changes
• Bug fix: Explicitly commit spinner editor value when closing dialogs
• Bug fix: Fix date sorting on UTXOs table
• Bug fix: Improve delete wallet performance on some systems by reducing overwrite entropy
• Bug fix: Fix PSBT taproot internal key duplication
• Bug fix: Set Lock All Wallets menu command status on every wallet lock
• Bug fix: Hide entry cell action boxes completely when not hovered over
• Add support for Auth47 authentication by registering a handler for auth: URLs in the browser
• Add support for LNURL-auth authentication by registering a handler for lightning: URLs in the browser
• Add support for sweeping of funds from a BIP38 encrypted private key
• Show taproot specific sighash default in sighash dropdown, and select it if appropriate
• Add optional transaction count column on address table using table header context menu to show and hide
• Reduce delay before attempting to reconnect when a private server connection fails
• Copy existing labels from deposit UTXOs into badbank UTXOs if present
• Add tooltip to wallet tab label on load failure
• Avoid unnecessary computation during entry cell sizing on initial table scroll
• Cache any wallet nodes for provided addresses during transaction construction, and use cache in transaction diagram and privacy analysis
• Refactor and optimize address classes
• Optimize retrieving unspent UTXOs
• Optimize UTXO selection through local variable caching of wallet data reused in computation
• Prefer using libsecp256k1 to derive public keys from private
• Store address data in wallet file where no passphrase is present to avoid lengthy rederivation of keys on deep wallets
• Compact wallet database on closing
• Indicate when creating a wallet transaction from a deep wallet is deriving keys
• Check proposed wallet name against open wallets for duplicates
• Invalidate multisig addresses for message signing and include address tooltip for guidance
• Add Help menu item to open Telegram support group
• Show wallet name in delete wallet dialog
• Improve unconfirmed transaction tooltip
• Show custom error dialog for 'min relay fee not met' broadcast errors
• Add context menus to transaction diagram labels to copy addresses and values
• Require non-empty password on encrypted wallet load
• Avoid re-requesting passphrase on BIP39 wallet import
• Show empty passphrases as 'No passphrase' in seed view dialog
• Indicate number of UTXOs selected in UTXOs tab
• Delete temporary HWI pyinstaller extraction if HWI crashes
• Update H2 database to 2.1.214
• Upgrade to Gradle 7.5
• Upgrade to Java 18.0.1
• Bug fix: Always find node for first input when retrieving historical notification transactions
• Bug fix: Save encrypted keystores on all wallets when changing password on child wallet Settings tab
• Bug fix: Fix transaction sort where parent/child transactions were included in the same block
• Bug fix: Fix case insensitive matching when searching for addresses and transaction outputs
• Bug fix: Disallow duplicate xpubs in multisig wallet keystores
• Bug fix: Fix issue adding accounts to multisig wallets with mixed watch-only and seed keystores
• Bug fix: Use locale-insensitive lowercase and uppercase functions
• Bug fix: Allow PSBTs without previous UTXO data
• Add support for configuring server aliases to hide server URLs
• Add support for switching servers via the Tools menu
• Add Cancel Transaction (RBF) to the unconfirmed transaction context menu to recover spent funds via RBF
• Add Unit Format menu to View menu to select alternative grouping and decimal separators
• Support running Sparrow-GRS Terminal in headless Linux (no $DISPLAY) environments
• Recommend a backup of the output descriptor when saving new multisig wallets
• Add wallet export option to export a config file for Electrum Personal Server (EPS)
• Increase the maximum gap limit, but display a warning when the gap limit is over 999
• Add support for importing a wallet from a Sparrow-GRS created output descriptor PDF
• Add support for deprecating importers and exporters
• Add a context menu item in the transaction diagram to show input and output addresses as QRs for verification
• Add Move Left and Move Right context menu items to reorder wallet and transaction tabs
• Show warning dialog when a legacy multisig output descriptor multi is entered
• Verify signatures immediately after signing as per recommendation in BIP340
• Freeze and unfreeze all associated UTXOs from an address cell context menu
• Add a context menu item to Addresses table to spend all UTXOs for an address
• Save a transaction diagram as an image through a context menu item on the diagram
• Add INFO or DEBUG level logging to all external API calls
• Add TRACE logging to all Electrum-GRS server calls
• Ignore newline characters when editing a wallet configuration in the output descriptor dialog
• Show additional inputs in the transaction diagram tooltip as labels or abbreviated txid:index
• Remove unnecessary Java native commands from binaries
• Accept output descriptor fragments in Settings QR scan for xpub
• Avoid resolution of onion hosts when creating proxied server socket addresses
• Bug fix: Fix reproducibility issue by avoiding use of objcopy to strip debug info during build
• Bug fix: Fix import of Electrum-GRS wallets without keystore labels
• Bug fix: Disable RBF related commands if Allow Unconfirmed preference is disabled
• Show address as QR code in Terminal
• Change QR code density for UR encoding via QR display dialog button
• Improve .deb control file and avoid dependence on xdg-utils when building sparrow-grs-server .debs
• Disable assistive technologies in Windows to avoid potential runtime crash
• Treat IP range as local network addresses
• Close connecting sockets and interrupt read thread if necessary on connection shutdown
• Add error message when connecting to Groestlcoin Core with a Taproot wallet
• Hide 'Spend UTXOs' and 'Freeze UTXOs' context menu items on address cells in the UTXO table
• Reallow watch-only wallets to trigger USB signing dialog, but handle special case for mixed seed/watch only multisig wallets
• Always use .mv.db format for Sparrow-GRS wallet exporter
• Bug fix: Avoid using locale for unit formatting
• Bug fix: Fix NPE in Terminal for exchange rate updates without a GRS rate
• Bug fix: Fix NPE selecting a server in the server alias dialog
• Bug fix: Delay wallet file deletion to allow for database compaction and show error on failure
• Bug fix: Avoid triggering close wallet events when reordering tabs
• Bug fix: Fix export from Settings tab for a new account by ensuring bidirectional links are restored on save
• Bug fix: Bring window to front when restored after being minimized to tray
• Bug fix: Improve Terminal resizing behaviour

• Full support for single sig and multisig wallets on common script types
• Connect to public Electrum-GRS servers
• Standards based including full PSBT support
• Support for KeepKey
• Support for Ledger Nano S
• Support for Ledger Nano X
• Support for Trezor Model T
• Support for Trezor One
• Full coin and fee control with comprehensive coin selection
• Labeling of all transactions, inputs and outputs
• Lightweight and multi platform
• Payjoin support
• Built in Tor
• Testnet, regtest and signet support

This application is licensed under Apache. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.

Download the OSX wallet here:
Download Windows installer here:
Download Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) installer here:
Download Linux (Redhat/CentOS) installer here:

Source code: