GRS RPC Explorer testnet 3.4.0 released

Started by jackielove4u, September 22, 2023, 09:12:12 PM

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GRS RPC Explorer Testnet: Simple, database-free Groestlcoin testnet blockchain explorer via RPC to Groestlcoin Core.

GRS RPC Explorer testnet is a simple, self-hosted explorer for the Groestlcoin testnet blockchain, driven by RPC calls to your own Groestlcoin testnet node. It is easy to run and can be connected to other tools (like ElectrumX) to achieve a full-featured explorer.
Whatever reasons one may have for running a full node (trustlessness, technical curiosity, supporting the network, etc) it's helpful to appreciate the "fullness" of your node. With this explorer, you can explore not just the blockchain database, but also explore the functional capabilities of your own node.

Changelog 3.4.0
• Breaking changes to the API
• Minor fixes for running against Groestlcoin Core v23
• Block Analysis: include top "days destroyed" transactions
• URL change: /mining-template -> /next-block (redirect is included for compatibility)
• On Extended PubKey pages, include balance data for various address (if Electrum-GRS server is configured)
• Several new API actions/changes
• New /holidays, a curated list of Groestlcoin 'Holidays'
• Support for different view options on /fun
• On /difficulty-history, make delta graph honor timespan filtering
• Proper use of production-ready MemoryStore for session data
• Support for serving static assets via a configurable CDN
• Misc fixes for erroneous data display on non-mainnet nodes
• Switch from fontawesome to bootstrap-icons v1.8.0
• Refreshed "Dark" theme with blues toned down (legacy dark theme still available)
• UI/UX tweaks
• Misc minor fixes
• Updated dependencies

• Network Summary dashboard
• View details of blocks, transactions, and addresses
• Analysis tools for viewing stats on blocks, transactions, and miner activity
• See raw JSON content from groestlcoind used to generate most pages
• Search by transaction ID, block hash/height, and address
• Optional transaction history for addresses by querying from ElectrumX
• Mempool summary, with fee, size, and age breakdowns
• RPC command browser and terminal

GRS RPC Explorer testnet is licensed under MIT. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to GRS RPC Explorer testnet, no compensation will be given. Use GRS RPC Explorer testnet solely at your own risk.

GRS RPC Explorer testnet is available via

Source code: