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GRSPay v1.12.5 released

Started by jackielove4u, March 22, 2024, 02:07:15 PM

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GRSPay: a free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to receive payments in Groestlcoin with no fees, transaction cost or a middleman.

GRSPay is a non-custodial invoicing system which eliminates the involvement of a third-party. Payments with GRSPay go directly to your wallet, which increases the privacy and security. Your private keys are never uploaded to the server. There is no address re-use, since each invoice generates a new address deriving from your xpubkey or zpubkey.

GRSPay is available at

Changelog v1.12.5
• With this release we upgrade to .NET 8, which also requires a current version of the Docker engine for docker deployments (>= 20.10.10).
• We are ending support for Postgresql 11 as it reached 5 years after its initial release.
• Webhooks: Support for Payment Requests, Payouts and extendibility by plugins
• Support BIP129 Multisig wallet import
• POS Keypad: Add plus and change clear functionality
• Forms: Support adjusting invoice amount by multiplier, enables percentage-based discount codes
• Can pair or reset a Boltcard to a pull payment
• Plugins: Allow scheduling installs/updates of future plugins
• Checkout: NFC improvements
• Checkout: Receipt improvements
• Payment Request: Improve public view
• POS Keypad: List recent transactions
• POS Cart: Add options for search and categories display
• POS Cart: Horizontal scrollable filters
• POS and Crowdfund: Item editor improvements
• Reporting: UI improvements
• Server Policies: Add warnings for certain options
• Greenfield: Remove unused checkout type setting from POS
• Greenfield: Make checkout type V2 default for new stores
• Domain mapping: Redirect root app to canonical URL
• Store Branding: Use store logo as favicon
• Rate Providers: Remove Bittrex
• UI: Unify list views
• UI: Unify public page styles
• UI: Add system option for theme switch
• UI: Pull payment improvements
• UI: Switch pos data to metadata in invoice create view
• UI: Improve invoice's webhooks table
• UI: Remove forced center alignment for POS description

• Direct, P2P Groestlcoin payments
• Lightning Network support
• Complete control over private keys
• Enchanced privacy
• SegWit support
• Process payments for others
• Easy-embeddable Payment buttons
• Point of sale app
• No transaction fees (other than those for the crypto networks)
• No processing fees
• No middleman
• No KYC
• The software is built in C#
• You can run GRSPay as a self-hosted solution on your own server or use our host. The self-hosted solution allows you not only to attach an unlimited number of stores but also become the payment processor for others.
• Open Source - MIT license

This application is licensed under MIT. There is no warranty and no party shall be made liable to you for damages. If you lose coins due to this app, no compensation will be given. Use this app solely at your own risk.

Source code: