Author Topic: WhitePuma.net has GroestlCoin listed on its Universal Platform!  (Read 4821 times)

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WhitePuma.net has GroestlCoin listed on its Universal Platform!
« on: October 05, 2014, 07:38:30 pm »
WhitePuma.net has GroestlCoin listed on its Universal Platform!

Some time ago they added GroestlCoin to the Multicoin Tipping App for Facebook so our users could spread coins to their friends and fellow group members on any of our dozens of supported groups.

Now they have extended it to their Universal Platform!

They just launched their Unified Dashboard so everyone can generate a button to ask for tips or donations and have a link to send by email or post it on any Social Network, Blog, Forum or Website.

But their service goes beyond that: by registering a website with them, users can generate buttons and have them embedded on our CryptoWiz Enabled Websites!

The power of their platform enables business to accept GroestlCoin and other cryptos as payment method for goods or services!

Use their platform for our coin's benefit:
  • Become one of their CryptoWiz Enabled Websites and embed their code in your pages so you are able to receive donations
  • Look for retailers to accept payments with our coin by using their platform with very low fees
  • Enlarge our user base by using their Facebook Tipping App or, later on, by making targeted rains over websites or even all our users with a GroestlCoin wallet address

You're already included! You don't need to do anything or pay anything to take advantage of our platform! You just need to do one thing:

Take advantage of it!

For more info please check the next docs:
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